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Also the library is open to the social public cultural sites, to maintain a good reading environment, also the library advocate readers to comply with social ethics, comply with the code of civilization, strive to build the social civilization activity garden.

1.The reader must dress neatly and demure.Do not enter the underwear, slippers and barefoot people.

2.The reader should bring the items to the pavilion and store them in the designated place.

3.Maintain public safety, do not carry inflammable, explosive, etc.Smoking is forbidden in the pavilion.

4.Please do not embrace infants and children in the area.Children must be allowed to enter the library under adult leadership.

5.Keep quiet, do not shout loudly in the area, play, chase, quarrel, fight.

6.Protect all public facilities in the museum, and damage the public goods to the original price.

7.The fire protection facilities shall not be touched and touched.If the fire protection facilities are damaged, the responsible person shall be treated by the public security department.

8.Do not enter the open area without permission.

9.Please do not spit, litter, and fruit shells in the museum.Please do not scribble, scribble, scribble or scribble on the wall or floor, and the violators will be punished according to relevant regulations.

10.Those who carry the books and periodicals in violation of the regulations shall be punished with a penalty of more than 10 times according to the information value of the books and periodicals carried by them.

11.In addition to reading the newspaper, the reader will be able to access the library materials on the basis of a personal valid certificate.

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